Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Arrival in Ghana

Good morning to Ghana!

The trip has already been quite eventful in that we have set up our home (mostly) and are planning the logistics of the semester, which will be FULL to the brim with study, travel and learning of all kinds. This morning I met with a representative from our adoptive village of Adenklebi which is in the Ga district, Grand Rapids Sister City. We will be introduced to that community, to the chief sometime early in our stay. We are hopeful that our students will be able to do their homestays with families in that village and we are working on doing several service projects there. They truly want for Calvin College to have a home with them, and we want this to happen as well.

Pray for us as we make a home away from home in the beautiful land of Ghana.

This morning I read this prayer and I hope for it to be in your heart today:

God our provider, all good gifts come from you. Make us so thankful for your gifts that we cannot help but share them with others. Own us as your fools as we abandon the stuff of this world for the treasures of your kingdom. Amen.

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